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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello and long time no blog... I have been busy with School and dealing with some family health issues, which have caused me not to be able to be on that much. However I am back now. and I want to share a few things with everyone first I have joined Chaturbate and have been camming on there every now and then for the last month or so. Please take a moment to follow the link which opens in a new window to register and follow my account. 

Also I have made a couple of wish list one for Amazon and one for Victoria's Secret 

Take a look at them both and remember that if you want to get me something from one of them then please do so, on Amazon if you want to get me something but it wont let you due to the 3rd party shipping then please send a gift card for the cost and shipping  with the item you want me to get with it listed in the note. On Amazon there is a specific thing I really want to get and if you want to help you can send me a gift card for any amount and I will save it till I have the full cost of the  
I really want this... 

now for some newer pictures 

Also as I normally do I am gonna ask that if you have not already done so please follow this link
and join for free to help me win the nudle race, if enough of you join and even become premium if you are willing and able I could win up to $1000 dollars {would need 35 people to join and go premium for that} the more who join and become active members the more chance I have of winning which would be great. I mean I could get a lot of the toys on my Amazon wish list and even some of the lingerie I want from my love list at Victoria's Secret. Then think of the pictures I would add here on NN and the shows I could do with them on NN and Chaturbate... Help a girl out pretty please...