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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Master got some rope, Purple Silk Bondage Rope to be exact the other day, and today we spent a few hours having fun. I loved the way it felt to be tied up and teased by Master. He made me cum several times while keeping me bound tightly.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have a fetish for corsets, and posing for pictures. Which only leads to one thing Pinup Girl style pictures. I love the idea of being a Pinup Girl, Master says I have the stuff. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have you visited my profile on NN

I have been posting nude pictures on NN NewbieNudes under the name masterstioy91 for just over 9 months now. I am the fourth most bookmarked poster on the site currently. I have almost 1000 pictures and videos posted, some graphic but most of an artistic nature. I will admit I am pretty selective of who I choose as friends, have turned down nearly 1000 request. Currently I am trying to get onto the most viewed profile list, will take many hits to do this. So I ask have you checked out my profile yet, and if not, will you?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one hell of a finish

Master asked me to put on a show for him this morning. I started by lying back on the bed and slowly ran my hands over my body. I removed my shirt then my shorts, running my hands up to remove my bra and back down to remove my panties. I watched as he removed his clothes and settled back in the overstuffed lounge chair to enjoy his show.

I licked my nipples knowing he loves to see that. I watched him smile as I slid my hand to my pussy and flicked my clit. I then brought my hand to my mouth and wet my fingers, returning them to my throbbing clit. I ran little circles around my clit as Master slowly worked his shaft. The sight of Master with his dick in his hand made me even hotter.

I inserted two fingers into my now soaked pussy and fingered myself. Master smiled approvingly as I fucked myself. His smile grew as I pulled my fingers out and licked them. I stopped and blew him a kiss, as I placed my fingers back in my pussy. I played with my clit with my other hand as I just barely hit my g-spot. I started moaning loudly I came hard and fast.

I was not done though as Master soon realized as I reached under the pillow and grabbed a vibrator. Smiling he sat back and told me to continue. I slowly slid the vibe over my body and around my tits, down my stomach and finally to my waiting pussy. I fucked myself hard and came several times. With a long and loud moan I came hard over and over again leaving a wet spot.

I then removed the vibe and rolled over onto my knees with my ass in the air. I put the tip of the vibe just slightly inside my ass, then with a quick thrust pushed it deep inside. I began to fuck myself faster and faster with the toy. Master watched intently as I moaned and moved wildly around the bed. I knelt back on my knees as I fucked my ass looking over my shoulder at Master as he rubbed his cock.

I came again seeing him like that and fell face first into a pillow. As I sat back again looking over my shoulder to see him standing at the side of the bed. “You have no clue as to how sexy you look right now Baby” he said. Then he started playing with my tits and kissing my neck, not letting me stop playing with my ass. He slid his hand down to my pussy and played with my clit.

After I came a few more times Master pushed my down and I expected him to remove the vibe and fuck me in the ass. Instead he slide his hard cock into my hungry wet tight pussy and fucked me while leaving the vibe in my ass. It was so intense that I came again just from the first thrust of his big dick in my pussy. He fucked me like this for nearly 20 minutes until he came deep in my pussy. We continued to push against each other as I came repeatedly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Public Nudity

I love to pose naked for my Master, anywhere and everywhere, clothed and unclothed. I have been doing self shots in public restrooms and in changing rooms recently. We did some shots in a local graveyard last year, and I cannot wait to do that again, same goes for the lake and the nature trail. On the nature trail we did a few different sets, one was of me peeing and as I had gotten my pants and panties off a guy came running by, I left my wet panties hanging by the stairs for him to find on his way back through. That was so exciting my heart still beats fast when I think about it. I have posed in the snow as well, loved that and wish we had been able to do more. Soon we will get more public shots and hopefully everyone reading this will be able to see them.

From my most recent shopping adventure

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Friday, April 15, 2011

OMG love being spanked

I love being spanked, I mean seriously love it. Master had me crawl up to him totally naked, and as he kissed me he Smacked my ass, he did this about 12 times, I was on the verge of orgasm when he stopped. I thanked him as it is my pleasure to have him spank me. He then made me lay back as he shaved me, and lightly smacked my pussy til I came. We then showered together which is always fun, he sat o the built in seat and made me stand in front of him as he suckled my breast. Kissing my naked body made me hornier and my body was shaking. As he looked up at me and smiled he began to smack my ass again I came instantly. Like I said I love being spanked ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last night

It was awesome, started out with Master making me torture myself by using clothes pins on my breast. As I sat in front of him with 3 pins on each breast around my nipples, he made me play with myself for a few minutes then suck his dick. As I was sucking on his dick he pulled the pins off my breast giving me an orgasm instantly. Then he made me sit as he arranged the pins on my breast, one on each nipple one on the bottom of each breast and one on the outside of each. After making sure they were not going to slip off he made me turn around and mount him as he sat in his chair. After a few minutes he pulled out a small leather whip and started whipping my back and ass as I slid up and down on his dick. It felt great, but was even better when he had me sit back and whipped my pussy while he was still inside me. Orgasm after orgasm hit me in a wonderful flood of passion and Ecstasy. After I calmed down he made me sit on an ottoman and lean back with my legs spread as he whipped my soaked pussy, I must have cum 10 too 20 times as the whip smacked my pussy and flicks across my clit. He did this to me for about 10 minutes occasionally whipping my breast as he watch me wither in a mix of pleasure and pain. After he stooped he made me lay on the bed as he titty fucked me then came in my mouth. He then layed next to me and rubbed my body and kissed my neck and face to help me relax and cool down. It was a great night and I can not wait to do it again...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Posture

As I have said many places many times I offered myself to my Master on my 18th birthday, and he excepted me as his toy/slave/pet/sub/lover that day. I had admired him for a few months before then but had never had the courage to approach him till I then. Since that day he has been teaching me many things and has opened my world up sexually, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. One of the things that is very important to him is that his Toy knows how to sit pretty, so since day one I have practiced sitting pretty for my Master. He has on several occasions spanked me for not sitting proper, admittedly some of those times I was doing it to feel his hand slap my ass ;) However I am very happy to sit like Master wishes, because when I behave I am always rewarded.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yard sales

I love going to yard sales, and with the weather starting to get better, that means more and more yard sales. I love getting things cheap, I often shop thrift stores and donate what ever I get rid of. I can not wait till this summer when there are flea markets open. And more antique shops open for the season. I have found many things at yard sales and flea markets. I have actually decided that this year there will be only certain things I will be looking for. Master loves the fact that I am into collecting the things I do. So as I said this year it will be antique furniture and looking for 1900-1940s era trunks, chest, and hat boxes... I also plan to continue looking for 80s video games and movies including actual arcade machines, also toys from the 80s are always on my radar... ohh and please do not forget if you want to see more of me naked and help me become the most bookmarked poster on NN then  click here

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Friday, April 8, 2011


Master has spanked my ass before, but I never thought I would cum from having my ass spanked, I was wrong. First master had me straddle him for a bit while he placed clothes pins on my nipples, and played with my tits. Then he had me stand while he placed them on my pussy starting with my clit, he gently tugged on them til I was moaning then he pulled them off one by one leaving the one on my clit for last. After that he had me lay across his lap and gave me 45 whacks with a belt that had metal O rings in it, it hurt like hell but I cam 3 times as he spanked me. He then held me and lightly rubbed my ass for about 20 minutes while taking pictures before he claimed my ass. It was terrific!
result of the rings on the belt :)

Steamer Trunk

So I have been able to learn that I am missing 10 hangers, a clothes hamper and a shoe box that all fit in the left side of the trunk. Also have found that the trunk was built in either 1930 or 1931 due to patent date. Other then that I am extreamly happy to have gotten the trunk. I will actually be looking for more since they are great and veristile pieces... As for the missing pieces of this one, I figure either I can try and make the hangers and hamper myself, or have a friend of ours do it for me, the shoe box will be the hard part.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One hell of a wake up

Master and I woke up and, like a good slave girl, I pledged myself to him verbally. I then proceeded to entice my master by stroking and teasing his legs. I wasn't allowed to pull down his underwear immediately, because I had to earn it.
So I continued to tease my master by licking and kissing his body, taking my time to tease and worship him. I had finally teased master enough to be allowed to suck his rigid cock and lick and stroke master's balls.
After sucking, licking and deepthroating him, master desired my wet pussy to be on him. I willingly and happily obliged. With my master on his back, I had the ability to ride him and did so, making me cum several times. When I leaned back is when the real fun started.
As I leaned back I got lifted, by master, and repositioned so my ass was hovering over his large dick. Slowly I slid down, and master's cock went straight into my tight ass. I was still on top and facing master,which gave me the ability to continue to ride him.
I did just that, I rode him. I came many times while master's cock was in my ass. I was eased to go slower when finally I reached my goal in making master cum. The look on master's face in combination with his big dick still in my ass, triggered me to come at the same time. It felt wonderful!!! I have to say it was a shocking but fantastic morning and would love to do it again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lollipop Lollipop

Last july I did the coolest and most fun thing with Master. It started with me posing for more pictures. I was completely dressed to strip out of the outfit. I striped out and was totally nude. Then I grabbed a blueberry tootsie pop, unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, all the while posing for Master. I then took the lollipop and slowly pushed it into my pussy. It felt SO good to have that wet lollipop moving slowly in and out of my pussy.
My pussy was shortly turned blue and was also dripping blue juices. My hands were sticky, my pussy was sticky and I enjoyed each second; but then Master made me stop and we started kissing. And in that very same moment he told me to cum; and I came, blue juices squirted out of me, leaving a sticky mess on the sheets.
But things got better when Master started fucking my dripping, sticky, blue pussy. As he was fucking me, I was teasing him by continuing licking the lollipop and sucking it, moving it in and out of my mouth. But then Master stopped moving his big hard dick in and out of my blue pussy. And gave me the chance to lick his cock which was covered in my sticky blue juices. I kept the lollipop in my pussy as I licked him clean. And then after a few minutes of licking Master's big cock, I pulled the lollipop out and let him lick more of my juices. I continued licking his dick like a lollipop untill he came in my mouth. It was the coolest thing ever and I absolutely want to repeat this more than once.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Droste Effect

ok so we did a couple more shots, the took awhile to do but here they are...

3 layers

infinity effect

new self shots

Master and I did some shopping today, I had to use the rest room and was told by Master to take some pictures while I was in there. These are a couple of them...

Droste Effect

We did one picture of a Droste Effect and Master is working on how to do another once we figure it out we will be doing another one. It is a very unique way of doing something artistic. And the advertisement that it is named after is a cool one too...

Monday, April 4, 2011

some self shots

Master told me when he is not home and I am he wants me to start taking pictures of myself naked and in verious stages of undress. Maybe even include some props or toys or such. Well last night Master was away and I did as he told. Here is one of those shots, if you want to see more you will have to check out the site where I post, there are much more revealing ones there :) ...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stop Clown Porn Now!!!

So we all know about porn, and its effects on the human body. We all know about porn and can as adults decide what interest us. But how many of you know about the menace face the world today known as Clown Porn, yes CLOWN PORN. It is everywhere people. CP is real and it is everywhere.

We all see clowns at the circus and most of us laugh at them. But what many people are unaware of is the fact that when a clown reaches a certain age the circus gets rid of them. Even Rodeo Clowns have a short life span. Some are able to eek out a meager living as a Party Clown, but most turn to Porn. There have been a few movies about the dangers of CP and some have even read my blog about a Kevin Smith film based loosely on CP.

We laugh at the funny little man in rainbow wig and big shoes, but it is our laughter that actually causes them to turn to porn, or rather the lack of it. These men and women are so used to having us laugh, ohhh, and ahhh at them that when the circus no longer needs them they will look for the attention anywhere they can get it, even if that means doing deprived sex acts on film.

Some times they go straight to the hardcore kinky stuff involving whips and chains and maybe a monkey or two that also was abandoned by the circus. There are even people who roam back allies and deserted fairgrounds late at night looking for scared and lonely clowns. These people are called Clown Wranglers, and will do things like getting clowns addicted to drugs, and alcohol in order to turn them into sex toys for the kinkiest perverts around.

We can help stop this from happening, if we just wear a yellow ribbon with red poke-a-dots to show support. There have been several clowns that started down the path of CP but were able to overcome their nightmares. Some include Ronald Mc Donald, yes Ronald was in the life in the 70s but he found a new calling. Another is Bozo he was found crying into his shoe by a TV producer who took pity on him and the rest is history. We can help these sad funny men and women, please people help stop Clown Porn. Don’t by porn from any place that sells CP, don’t visit websites that support CP. Together we can help Clowns everywhere.

Artistic Photos

I love to pose, and Master loves to take pictures of me. But neither of us are into spread eagle, pussy gaping, xxx shots, but don't get me wrong we sometimes do shots with me playing with myself or exposing my pussy or ass. We however don't do them gratuitously or often, most of the shots Master takes have some artistic qualities, we recently did a Droste Effect picture that can be seen on Newbie Nudes through the link below. Here are a couple we did around Halloween last year, Master loved the way they looked originally, but even more so after the effects were done. Would love to read comments on what you think of them...

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I love being tied up by master, love being put in my harness and kneeling for him or bending over and offering myself to my Master. He smiles lovingly as I offer myself to him and then takes me...

a couple of me in a harness
 a couple of rope bondage

Friday, April 1, 2011

More Yoga

Master took more yoga pictures of me and post many of them at Newbie Nudes, where I am one of the most bookmarked posters with many more revealing pictures. Check them out at the link below...

April Fools

Mother Nature played a very nasty April fools trick on us, it has been beautiful in the 40s for the last few days. Today however we got nearly 8 inches of snow so far. I was lucky and Master got to stay home today, so some good came out of it. We went out to a nice secluded place and I built a snowman to pose naked with :) but when I was getting naked for the pictures I realized the camera was not charged. So I will be going out early tomorrow morning and doing pictures with my snowman...

Skelanimals and Rubber Duckies

I love skelanimals, I have like 8 of the full size plushes, and several of the 5in ones. I have 3 of the backpacks that I use for purses, a few shirts a couple pairs of pants, and other items of clothing. But the ones Master likes the most are these...

A friend on NN posted a picture of herself with some Devil Duckies, and I had to find some of my own First I found the Zombie Duckie, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Then I found the Rainbow Devil  Duckies, and had to get them.

 Remember there are many more pictures at the link