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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yard sales

I love going to yard sales, and with the weather starting to get better, that means more and more yard sales. I love getting things cheap, I often shop thrift stores and donate what ever I get rid of. I can not wait till this summer when there are flea markets open. And more antique shops open for the season. I have found many things at yard sales and flea markets. I have actually decided that this year there will be only certain things I will be looking for. Master loves the fact that I am into collecting the things I do. So as I said this year it will be antique furniture and looking for 1900-1940s era trunks, chest, and hat boxes... I also plan to continue looking for 80s video games and movies including actual arcade machines, also toys from the 80s are always on my radar... ohh and please do not forget if you want to see more of me naked and help me become the most bookmarked poster on NN then  click here

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