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Thursday, April 7, 2011

One hell of a wake up

Master and I woke up and, like a good slave girl, I pledged myself to him verbally. I then proceeded to entice my master by stroking and teasing his legs. I wasn't allowed to pull down his underwear immediately, because I had to earn it.
So I continued to tease my master by licking and kissing his body, taking my time to tease and worship him. I had finally teased master enough to be allowed to suck his rigid cock and lick and stroke master's balls.
After sucking, licking and deepthroating him, master desired my wet pussy to be on him. I willingly and happily obliged. With my master on his back, I had the ability to ride him and did so, making me cum several times. When I leaned back is when the real fun started.
As I leaned back I got lifted, by master, and repositioned so my ass was hovering over his large dick. Slowly I slid down, and master's cock went straight into my tight ass. I was still on top and facing master,which gave me the ability to continue to ride him.
I did just that, I rode him. I came many times while master's cock was in my ass. I was eased to go slower when finally I reached my goal in making master cum. The look on master's face in combination with his big dick still in my ass, triggered me to come at the same time. It felt wonderful!!! I have to say it was a shocking but fantastic morning and would love to do it again.

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