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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

one hell of a finish

Master asked me to put on a show for him this morning. I started by lying back on the bed and slowly ran my hands over my body. I removed my shirt then my shorts, running my hands up to remove my bra and back down to remove my panties. I watched as he removed his clothes and settled back in the overstuffed lounge chair to enjoy his show.

I licked my nipples knowing he loves to see that. I watched him smile as I slid my hand to my pussy and flicked my clit. I then brought my hand to my mouth and wet my fingers, returning them to my throbbing clit. I ran little circles around my clit as Master slowly worked his shaft. The sight of Master with his dick in his hand made me even hotter.

I inserted two fingers into my now soaked pussy and fingered myself. Master smiled approvingly as I fucked myself. His smile grew as I pulled my fingers out and licked them. I stopped and blew him a kiss, as I placed my fingers back in my pussy. I played with my clit with my other hand as I just barely hit my g-spot. I started moaning loudly I came hard and fast.

I was not done though as Master soon realized as I reached under the pillow and grabbed a vibrator. Smiling he sat back and told me to continue. I slowly slid the vibe over my body and around my tits, down my stomach and finally to my waiting pussy. I fucked myself hard and came several times. With a long and loud moan I came hard over and over again leaving a wet spot.

I then removed the vibe and rolled over onto my knees with my ass in the air. I put the tip of the vibe just slightly inside my ass, then with a quick thrust pushed it deep inside. I began to fuck myself faster and faster with the toy. Master watched intently as I moaned and moved wildly around the bed. I knelt back on my knees as I fucked my ass looking over my shoulder at Master as he rubbed his cock.

I came again seeing him like that and fell face first into a pillow. As I sat back again looking over my shoulder to see him standing at the side of the bed. “You have no clue as to how sexy you look right now Baby” he said. Then he started playing with my tits and kissing my neck, not letting me stop playing with my ass. He slid his hand down to my pussy and played with my clit.

After I came a few more times Master pushed my down and I expected him to remove the vibe and fuck me in the ass. Instead he slide his hard cock into my hungry wet tight pussy and fucked me while leaving the vibe in my ass. It was so intense that I came again just from the first thrust of his big dick in my pussy. He fucked me like this for nearly 20 minutes until he came deep in my pussy. We continued to push against each other as I came repeatedly.

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