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Friday, April 8, 2011


Master has spanked my ass before, but I never thought I would cum from having my ass spanked, I was wrong. First master had me straddle him for a bit while he placed clothes pins on my nipples, and played with my tits. Then he had me stand while he placed them on my pussy starting with my clit, he gently tugged on them til I was moaning then he pulled them off one by one leaving the one on my clit for last. After that he had me lay across his lap and gave me 45 whacks with a belt that had metal O rings in it, it hurt like hell but I cam 3 times as he spanked me. He then held me and lightly rubbed my ass for about 20 minutes while taking pictures before he claimed my ass. It was terrific!
result of the rings on the belt :)

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