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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last night

It was awesome, started out with Master making me torture myself by using clothes pins on my breast. As I sat in front of him with 3 pins on each breast around my nipples, he made me play with myself for a few minutes then suck his dick. As I was sucking on his dick he pulled the pins off my breast giving me an orgasm instantly. Then he made me sit as he arranged the pins on my breast, one on each nipple one on the bottom of each breast and one on the outside of each. After making sure they were not going to slip off he made me turn around and mount him as he sat in his chair. After a few minutes he pulled out a small leather whip and started whipping my back and ass as I slid up and down on his dick. It felt great, but was even better when he had me sit back and whipped my pussy while he was still inside me. Orgasm after orgasm hit me in a wonderful flood of passion and Ecstasy. After I calmed down he made me sit on an ottoman and lean back with my legs spread as he whipped my soaked pussy, I must have cum 10 too 20 times as the whip smacked my pussy and flicks across my clit. He did this to me for about 10 minutes occasionally whipping my breast as he watch me wither in a mix of pleasure and pain. After he stooped he made me lay on the bed as he titty fucked me then came in my mouth. He then layed next to me and rubbed my body and kissed my neck and face to help me relax and cool down. It was a great night and I can not wait to do it again...

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