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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Have had internet issues

I often get comments on my blog or my pictures etc... That my Master is Lucky to have a toy like me, That is in fact a false statement and I would like to let everyone know this.
I am in fact the lucky one, I am lucky to have a Master that not only uses me as he sees fit, but cares enough about me to help me come down from a physical and emotional high that comes from the play involved in a relationship like ours.
I am lucky to have a Master who reminds me on a regular basis that I have a safe word and can use it at anytime without fear of anger from him or punishment for using it.
I am lucky to have a Master who genuinely loves and cares about me, and wants me to be more then just a slave, the reason I am called toy and the reason why I am encouraged to go to college and given as much help with my needs for the things I want to do and be as possible.
I am the lucky one, for I have a Master who believes that my feelings matter and that realizes I do what I do because I love him and not just because "he is a big strong willed man and I am a little weak willed piece of property" like many other men who think they are Masters or Doms believe.
There was an episode of CSI in which Grissom connects with a Domme and makes the comment at one point "it is the sub that has the real power" {not an exact quote} and Master believes that people who cannot understand that should not begin to play.
So as I said in my opinion {which is honestly the only one that matters besides my Masters} I am the lucky one...

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