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Sunday, June 24, 2012

body image...

this is something I blogged at the link   I hope you all check it out, and any ladies that want to join there for free and post a picture of there curves please feel free...

Body Image Issues is a nonexclusive problem. It does not discriminate against. Men, women, ages from 8 to 108 can suffer from body image issues. Shapes and sizes do not matter either 98pound weakling to the 300pound hulking men of pro wrestling, the ultra thin, to the BBWs, all can feel awkward in their own skin. To act like one sex or one body type should be more encouraged to overcome their issues with they way the look is just as bad as saying that one type should be ashamed or not allowed to show off their body. Empowerment should also not discriminate, and everyone should be encouraged to post, no matter what their sex or shape, or level of comfort with their body. Attacking and insulting others is also nonexclusive to one group or another, isn't "Meat is for men and bones are for dogs" just as much an insult as "Fat women are not worth looking at" There are many different body types here and all are beautify. 

I have always been thin or what most would consider thin. But when I was younger I felt I was too small. My breast were b cups in high school while my friends had c and d cups, my ass was flat while my friends had perfectly shaped asses. I felt that they were better looking because they had a body that I did not. In my senior year my breast grew and my hips and ass took a shape that was more like I wanted, but the feelings of inadequacy remained. It was not till Master and I started our relationship and I was told by a man I loved that I was gorgeous and perfect just the way I am, that I started to feel better about my body. Then we started posting here and the encouragement I got here kicked my self esteem into high gear. 

Now this is for the ladies, No matter what your age, or body shape you have curves, we all do. And we should all be proud to show them, they are ours. I want to do something on July 21st... I want to FLOOD THE SYSTEM WITH CURVES, every woman here posting as many pictures as the can showing off her curves. A day devoted not to just one body part or to one body shape but to all women. Post yourself in all of your glory, showing the site and the world your curves. We need to encourage each other to take pictures and post them as often as we feel comfortable with. And on July 21st we can FLOOD THE SYSTEM WITH CURVES, and support and encourage all women. As for you guys you can help by encouraging us ladies to post on July 21st, and by encouraging every women here to simply post in general.

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