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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surviving the Zombie Horde

Don't wall yourself into one place and plan to stay there for long and only move if you have too and do so quietly. Find an island that has no population like one that was used as a fort and has since been turned into a park, or one with a prison that has been closed down. They have buildings on them already so no need to build shelter. If there were people on the island during the initial outbreak they are either safe or if they have been turned it is a far fewer number then any you may run into on the road while moving from place to place.
Gas runs out, electricity stops as soon as the outbreak reaches the plant, food becomes scarce as those who are traveling become more desperate to find it, as does ammo, people turn on each other over the simplest things when the world is not in crisis imagine how fast people will be turning against one another with the constant pressure of the running, and when the fear of death is hounding your heels on every step. Now top this with the fact that many people will have a hard time shooting or bashing in a skull even if it is to save their life, add the factor of it is someone you just spent the last 3 weeks traveling with and keeping each other alive and the difficulty is even greater.
Staying in one place like a home or a store is not as safe as most people think unless they also have an escape plan and other safe houses planed in case they need to move. One of the biggest problems with staying in one place is the constant low groan and pounding as the undead try to get at you. That is why an Island with no actual population is a great idea for a place to hide, you can grow your own food, you are far less likely to encounter undead, you don’t have to be in as close of a proximity to each other if you aren’t always worried about an attack, which leads to less strife and arguing, and if you choose an island that is off the coast near a city you have the option of making trips as needed back to the mainland for supplies as need.
Good luck with whatever plan you have decided and if you pass me on the road you will know it’s me because I will be the chick with purple hair in the armored personnel carrier... 

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