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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Newbienudes is my favorite site on the internet. I have met literally thousands of great people there, and have made I feel hundreds of friends. The site is full of great people, truly beautiful people both inside and out. I have been there almost a year and a half, and have posted over 1700 pictures and several videos. I even have one that occasionally appears on the front page!!! I have given away several premium memberships, to friends and even some to people I had never spoken with. I greatly support the site and hope that it continues to grow and stays as it says "the worlds best amateur nude community" as a way of doing that I post a link to my pictures here in my blog and at various other sites that I can post at. I hope people check my link and help me help the site, also while there you can bookmark my pictures and help stroke my ego by making me the most bookmarked member on the site ;) Master and I decided to do some pictures showing off the colors of NN ( Green Gold and Pink) after a friend mentioned the site colors here are a couple...

So have a look around it is free to join and you can see my pictures, bookmark them, and meet people from all around the world... ooh they also just launched webcam capabilities as well... 

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