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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just a movie review

Also known as Wasting Away is a Zombiedy, Zombie/Comedy.

It seems like over the last few years hundreds of zombie movies have been released many low budget with a few higher budget and big name directors or actors involved, but most fall very short of being any good. There have been many adaptations of George Ramero’s Diary of the Dead, a great idea from a master of the zombie movie genre, but not a good movie. Since Shaun of the Dead one of the best zombiedies ever, there have been many zombie films that have tried and failed to add humor. Or like Evil Dead, a classic cult film, have tried to have a one line hero but without Bruce Campbell spewing the lines in a way only he can, it sounds hacky in a very bad way. Then you have the gore for gore sake films that just go overboard with the blood and guts because it has no plot or characters worth watching.

Aah! Zombie! However manages to succeed where many others have failed and creates a new way of looking at a zombie film. While following some very basic rules and standards for zombie movies, like the secret government project, the non-expecting teens accidently getting exposed, military moving in to stop the zombie attack as the zombies run wild, it also has a very new and interesting look from the other side. That side being from the zombie perspective, the movie is shot in black and white like a classic zombie flick but when the teens get exposed to the top secret zombie making goo, it changes to color as seen through their eyes. And unknown to them they are now zombies… It is a laugh filled fun little movie that I highly recommend to anyone who likes a good zombie movie and loves to laugh…

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