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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Question

So I am a member of a site where I post semi nude and nude pictures and videos of myself, I have been a member since I was 18. Now I am 21, and am the most bookmarked member of the site. I have made several friends from all around the world, brought a large amount of traffic to the site, and have been a moderator on the site for some time now. During this time I have also made some enemies, gathered some obsessed fans, and have had my share of trolls, for various reason all ranging from the typical jealousy, to the fact that I deleted one of their attacks on another member, to being younger then them, weird one I know but that is where the question derives.

So there is a newer member of the site who from her first day there a specific group of people have been harassing he and mocking her. For everything from the fact that she says she is 19 and still a virgin, saying she is too young to be on a porn site, and that there is no way she is a virgin. calling her a fake who is posting stolen pictures, she was even attacked by one of these people while she was doing a live camera session. Because she talks in the third person, and then they all start talking in third person to mock her. Because she ask too many questions, the reason she is asking questions is to be part of the site. And the most interesting because she gets hit on by guys age ranging from 40-60years old, those doing the mocking are themselves between 40 and 60 for the most part.

Now the question I ask is this, Who is doing something inappropriate?, the 40-60 yos who are flirting with and commenting on a 18-21 yo on a porn site which after all they are legal age to be posting on and breaking no rules in doing so, or the 40-60 yos who spend there time whining about, harassing, and mocking the 18-21 yo who is posting on a porn site? I mean isn't that what is supposed to happen on a porn site, people perv on photos and videos being posted by other members. It is an adult website where people share their pictures and thoughts and should be able to do so with out being ridiculed because, yes people on a porn site are checking out their stuff.  Truth is one of the things that bother me most is that those doing the mocking are now claiming to be concerned about the girl who they still mock openly on a daily basis.

Please if you have an opinion on this topic leave a comment, I would love to know what others think of the issue...

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  1. No one has a right to harass anyone. We will get on better if we just ignore the people with negative comments. younger folks can learn so much from older folks and vice-versa.
    I do not even like the word porn, if someone is sharing a picture that is sexy or a picture of them in a sexual way with someone else - or even themselves- then they are being quite generous and we would do well to be appreciative and thankful and complimentary. if we do not like it or it does not fit with our taste or morals then move on without negative comment.