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Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a thought and a few new pictures

On a few sites I go to where I post pictures I have seen a trend of blogs and comments to others about how little people care what others are saying about them, how they do not give a fuck, or cant be bothered... and I have this to say in response to all of those who take the time to tell someone else that they do not care...

when you take the time to say you do not give a fuck, you do not care, you cant be bothered, you have already lost. Seriously just the act of saying it proves you do in fact care, someone who does not care, moves on silently. Why is that? Because no words are necessary to convey that they do not care...

Anyways Master and I have tried something new it is called Painting with Light, here are a few of our attempts so far, to see more follow the link below.

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