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Thursday, March 31, 2011

fondest memory

My fondest memory is the first time my Master claimed my ass. I had previously thought that having someone fuck me in the ass was completely disgusting and wrong. I had never been fucked in the ass before, but my Master really wanted it and I wanted to please him, plus I thought I would try it. I played with my pussy with a vibrator and was using my own juices to lube up my ass.
I started slowly pushing the vibrator in my ass and slowly out again. My Master was watching me from the other room. He came in my room and flipped me over onto my back, lifting my ass to his big hard cock. He couldn't get his dick into my tight ass that way. I was then flipped over in earnest, with my head in a pillow and my ass straight up in the air, awating for my Master to ease his dick into my tight ass. I was wrong about him easing his way into my ass, he shoved his big hard cock into my ass, and for the first few seconds it hurt like hell. but soon I felt a mixture of pleasure and pain that felt sooo damn good!
I started moaning and screaming into my pillow and finally my Master came in my ass and I came with him. That night really changed my opinion on anal.

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